Kim Venkataraman is the author of the novel, Enough, based on her grandfather's experience of being orphaned at the start of the Depression. Enough tells the story of fifteen year-old Rebecca Weston and her younger brother, Sam, who must learn to fend for themselves. 

When Rebecca and her younger brother, Sam, are orphaned at the start of the Depression, they learn that life can bring heartache. Together they must find a way to go on, and to fend for themselves. The challenges grow as the Depression takes its toll on them and their small New England town. Despite facing the uncertainty of what life will bring, Rebecca discovers a strength she never knew she had. But sometimes resiliency—and even bravery—aren’t enough, as Rebecca learns when they are faced with violence and betrayal. 

Kim's short stories have been published in several literary magazines, including Redivider, MacGuffin, Forge, Existere, Valparaiso Fiction review and others. 

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